Founder of March For Our Lives made some interesting statements today

Cameron Kasky (the original founder of March For Our Lives) sent out some very interesting tweets today:

What is interesting about this is that some of the critics of March For Our Lives have been saying this from early on. The movement was hijacked shortly after it was founded. The hijackers were professional left-wing activists from a variety of organizations, including the Women’s March and the Joyce Foundation. This article goes into greater detail about when the group was founded and up until the 3/24/18 nationwide “March For Our Lives” (note: it does NOT focus on the students, who were/are just the pawns of it all):

Included in that are FOIA documents, all the links, etc. It also shows how local politicians jumped at the opportunity immediately (with the help of the local Women’s March chapter). Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without Everytown sinking their teeth into it all.

They jumped on board for they very first event, (which would then turn into March For Our Lives) just 3 days after the tragedy via Moms Demand Action (and as you see, event organized by Women’s March, but the contact for the event is FL Senator Gary Farmer’s office):

After the 3/24/18 march, this is where the “professional activists” really sunk their teeth into the movement, as noted here:

Multiple left-wing PR agencies and voter registration groups seized the moment of the approaching 2018 midterm elections. Way to much to get into here in this article, but click that above link. It’s disgusting how people (including some former Obama administration folks) got involved in this as well. Also added in is from this year, when they (March For Our Lives) had a massive PR campaign in Times Square New York. More details than what is provided in the above article here:

Finally, the third part talks about the money involved and some “dirt” on partner organizations, hammering home Cameron’s point about “making a profit”. Very detailed look inside Everytown For Gun Safety, their involvement in March For Our Lives, and how they benefit financially from highly public shootings:

Also discussed is Michael Bloomberg’s massive spending for the 2018 midterms, as well as corporations using the student’s for brand recognition. Let’s go back to Cameron’s tweet. He does know what’s up:

Lastly, let’s talk about another tweet that Cameron sent out today:

This is another thing we covered in a previous article.

I’ll post the relevant section:

Gun control groups like Everytown use tragedies (although a bit more tastefully) to sell goods and make money. Once again, Cameron nails it:

No one should profit off of the loss of life. Period. While many of us do not agree with Cameron’s politics, he does have morals. That must be applauded. He woke up and saw the light.

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