Primary challenger to Allen Skillicorn (District 66) and her stance on the 2nd amendment


Allen Skillicorn will be facing a GOP primary challenger in 2020. Her name is Carolyn Schofield and she’s currently on the McHenry County Board.

One thing is clear about her, she does NOT support the 2nd amendment.

Photo credited to McHenry County Blog (with permission)

Further, as stated in her bio, she is a member of the League of Women Voters, which has a policy position on the 2nd Amendment and has advocated for direct infringements on our rights. Pay attention to the very bottom of the 2nd page:

Did you catch that?

Further, the League of Women Voters uses their positions to pressure public schools/school boards in order to push their agenda (the above was an attachment to this email):

The League of Women Voters also works hand in hand with Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action, who are hell bent on destroying the 2nd amendment and turning law abiding gun owners into criminals at the stroke of a pen:

We have/have had enough turncoat republicans in the ILGA that are eager to strip us of our rights and take marching orders from Bloomberg and his allies. We don’t need another one in office.


We were linked in McHenry County Blog

Yes, in an instance like this, having a political candidate associated with a group like LWV paints a profile on where she stands. And to a comment in the link, yes, there are a few contributors that are in Allen’s district. Remember this? Published before this blog site was up and running.

Update 2: We saw a conversation Carolyn was having on Facebook regarding her connections to LWV via this article. She stated the county chapter she is active in differs from the state and national chapters in terms of some of the views the larger ones support/advocate for (we would certainly hope so! ). She also stated she will be educating herself on 2A issues and that her positions on such will be part of her candidate questionnaire and discussed in forums that are held.

This article was not published to promote one individual over the other, only to bring to the attention of people regarding the connections.

Update 3:

McHenry county government page with her contact info has been removed. Don’t harass people in their personal lives, folks.

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