Busting the anti-gunners at their own game

Edit 9/12/19:

Information has been deleted from this article without consent. It can be found here:


Today, an individual sent this tweet out:

(Meet Patrick here:

https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/vbxmx4/parkland-happened-on-the-tenth-anniversary-of-my-own-schools-shooting )

After initial tweet, he then tagged his “friends”

JoAnn Fabrics started getting slammed:

And lastly, Shannon Watts jumped in as well:

Patrick is a survivor of the 2008 NIU school shooting. He has become an anti-gun activist as a result. There’s one major issue with his story though:

“Someone with a gun on their belt in one of your stores”. Hmmmm.

I’ll even use Giffords (🤮) as a source

Summary: Openly carrying firearms out in public is ILLEGAL under Illinois law. So, if Patrick is claiming he saw someone open carrying at a location in Illinois, he’s full of crap. He then tagged his allies at Moms Demand Action to raise hell and flood JoAnn Fabrics’ posts on the matter. Pat is with them (MDA) 100%, and just like them, loves to pressure businesses into doing what MDA wants:



Typical to use lies to get their agenda done, as if it were all fact based, they’d see the truth: guns are not the problem, bad people are. If these activists cared so deeply about “saving lives”, perhaps Patrick (who is in fact a victim that survived the NIU shooting, not just someone who was there) and the Moms can go to the south side of Chicago and help out the communities instead of lobbying and extorting companies. Just a thought……

Update: looks like he realized his mistake (that Illinois doesn’t have open carry and that he messed up).

Also, this is interesting, as Walgreens announced on Friday 9/6/19 that they would no longer allow open carry in their stores……


Furthermore, he was in Illinois about an hour or so before he sent the first tweet out, later tagging MDA/Watts at 12:37pm. Something stinks here…..

UPDATE 2: Since that image has been captured and shared (showing he was in Chicago at the time), he had now locked down his Facebook account.


Further, he MAY have committed a crime from his little stunt, as it was meant to pressure a business based on a false statement (not opinion based, but rather lying about an incident that never happened in order to to pressure them):


(Issue here is that it CAN be proven false due to location of where he was when the claim occurred).

Patrick didn’t give an example as to the location he witnessed the incident. He stated “very disappointed to see someone with a gun on their belt in one of your stores”. Where did this happen? Did he witness it in person? He was in Illinois at/around the time the statement was made, so someone (unless a plain clothes officer) was breaking IL carry law (must be concealed AND be licensed to carry) if this did in fact happen.

Patrick either needs to provide concrete details and proof that he witnessed this, or he needs to come clean on his manufactured story, apologize, and move on. He caused a national outrage within the gun control community, but we all know that’s SOP for a majority of them…..

Scratch the above, INTERNATIONAL outrage. From the Co-founder a gun rights group in France:

Patrick, come clean on the JoAnn Fabrics incident and the article will be amended to state that you did in fact admit to it not happening (or overly exaggerated on seeing a plain clothes police officer)

8 thoughts on “Busting the anti-gunners at their own game

  1. You are completely absurd. You literally are basing this on the “theory” of “ it couldn’t have possibly happened because thats the law. “ If I were u I would rethink your “theory”.


    1. I know who his PR reps are, though and how well they’re greatly intertwined. When a “theory” has too many connections to a solution or a cause, it’s no longer a theory, now is it? If I were you, I’d rethink your abilities of identifying TRUTH… cause I don’t think you know what that is. Your reaction says it all. (Psssst! Sometimes the truth hurts!)

      Liked by 1 person

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