Why do you need a gun? To protect the children

The anti self-defense legislators and activists are all about “protecting the children” (so they say), and who wouldn’t be? Our children are precious. They are innocent, part of us, and most of all, they’re defenseless. It is our job as parents and adults to protect them at all costs from harm and to guide them until they grow up. As a parent, many of you would die to protect your child if it meant they are safe. Let’s take a look at what happened in Tbilisi, Georgia:

This event made international news:


A three-year-old boy was stabbed by a stranger while walking with his family in a street in Tbilisi, Georgia, on Wednesday.

A video of the incident showed the boy walking holding his mother’s hand while his younger brother and father walked behind them. Suddenly, a woman approaches the child, pulls out a knife from her bag and slashes the boy in the face before attempting to stab his younger brother. The woman, however, fled after the father managed to pull the younger boy away from her. The man ran behind the attacker but backed off after she threatened him with the knife.

Let’s quickly break the incident down:

Woman approaches child and stabs him.

Woman walks away. Parents in shock and don’t know what to do.

Woman walks back to engage another target. Parents are defenseless against this armed woman.

Woman picks her next target, another child. Parents have no means to defend themselves or their children.

Woman attempts to stab other child.

Father fights with armed woman to protect child.

Woman walks away calmly. Dad pulls out a phone or pepper spray (unclear).

Dad attempts to chase armed woman after she attacked his two children.

Woman brandishes knife at him, he retreats.

Woman walks away, still armed, and poses a threat to anyone else she chooses to make a target.

Here’s a picture of the boy at the hospital.

As a parent, and having your role in protecting your children, this incident shows that any random person can pose a threat to your kids. These parents had no defense other than luck that the first child wasn’t killed and that the second was missed with the knife. They were unable to stop the threat immediately as it unfolded, and instead a second attempted attack resulted from it. Will someone think of the children?

The irony of the above statement is that many Americans are begging for the government to do away with the best tool for law abiding individuals to protect their children with in incidents like the above example.

They hate guns so much that they are against allowing parents who can legally carry a gun to protect their children throughout the United States to do so! They do NOT want YOU to protect YOUR children.

Concealed & Carry reciprocity would allow anyone who is legally allowed to carry a firearm in their state of residence to carry a firearm in all 50 states, much like a driver’s license allows you to drive in all 50. According to groups like Moms Demand Action and also their elected allies in government, that’s bad. Wanting to protect your children from a lunatic and stopping them if they attack is just too dangerous of a concept. We just can’t have parents choosing to protect their 3 year olds in an emergency situation out in public with a concealed handgun. We have to let the attacker finish their attack and just hope for the best.

To even further the irony of all of this, should a parent defend their children and shoot an attacker that is trying to harm/kill their children, THEY are the cause of “gun violence”. An example of this is from the recent shooting in Odessa, Texas. The gunman himself (who was stopped by police) is considered a VICTIM of “gun violence” because the police shot and killed him to end his rampage:


That’s right, folks. A madman who killed 6 and injured over two dozen people is a “victim” because he was shot by police (who ended the attack).

It’s more important to push an agenda for these types of groups than it is finding common sense solutions to protect yourselves, your children, and your loved ones. How can anyone honestly say “protect kids, not guns” when a gun will stop a threat against a child in a split second when an emergency arises?

Stay woke, carry a gun if you’re legally allowed to, and protect the most precious thing in our society: our children. If anyone says you’re wrong to use a firearm in order to do so, they really don’t care about your child’s safety.

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