Northlake, Illinois town hall on guns 9/25

We were notified of an event that was being put on by two anti-gun activist groups.

The event is organized by Friends Who March and also Indivisible Oak Park. Here’s some more on these two organizations:


Indivisible Oak Park:

Also on the Indivisible website (linked in Indivisible Oak Park):

What’s “Bird-Dogging”?

Keep that in mind for later…….

The main organizer for Friends Who March is Jax West. She is very active in the Democratic Party in her area and helps organize/coordinate events. In fact, she assisted in Governor JB Pritzker’s campaign and was a campaign organizer for him :

Now let’s go back to the town hall event. The way it looks on the surface, it seems to be a balanced panel, with both anti-2nd amendment and pro-2nd amendment panelists. The event advertises itself as trying to “find middle ground”. Well, I’m not sure these activists are capable of that, as this conversation that was passed on to me will show.

Jax has posted this on the event’s page:

Here are some samples of the conversation (names and photos of individuals have been redacted).

Example 1:


-Indivisible isn’t even up to date on current law, as the Supreme Court ruled that it is NOT the job of law enforcement to protect.

-Indivisible turns to race and “everyone being armed”. 2A advocates agree that not everyone should be armed (such as violent felons, seriously mentally ill people), but this concept just won’t get through the heads of anti-gunners.

Example 2:


-“personal attacks will not be tolerated”, yet from further conversation, as said by Friends Who March, “Your private business kills innocent people”. So, they’re implying that the individual is responsible for murders. Is that not a personal attack that isn’t even backed up? Can FWM provide evidence that the individual is personally responsible for the death of people? Looks like only one side of personal attacks are tolerated……

Example 3:


-Guns alone kill people, not people with guns (not placing responsibility on individuals and only making it about the tool used).

-all about the votes, not solving the problem…….

Example 4:


-They don’t support door to door confiscation (keep reading), but instead want registration and for people to have to pay for insurance to own said weapons. If you disagree and fail to do so (registration and pay), THEN it’s ok for the government to kick in your door, arrest you, confiscate your property and have your rights stripped.

-If you don’t agree with the above, you “support people shooting up a school” (again with the personal attacks and false accusations……)

So they laid a lot out on the table here in these few examples as to how a “rational discussion” should go in their mind. If you don’t agree with them, you’re a evil person that supports school shooters, gun owners who don’t agree with their agenda are responsible for innocent deaths, and mostly, they have no idea that it’s NOT the job of Law Enforcement to protect individuals. So, let’s rewind:

Thanks for laying all of this out before the event. It’s greatly appreciated. And in response to the original post on “what do you need it for?”, I need it because it’s my choice. I’m pro-choice.

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