Expired FOID Card leads to child being accidentally shot by police during raid

There’s a lot of talk about FOID Card revocation and how it should be handled. Recently, a warrant was served on a man who had an expired (not stated revoked) FOID Card and a possible drug possession. During this, a heavily armed SWAT team raided a private home in Markham, Illinois (a suburb in Cook County). During the raid, an innocent child was shot by police from a negligent discharge.

More on this story:


A 12-year-old boy sat on a bed in his family’s suburban Chicago home with his hands up. Outside his bedroom, almost two dozen SWAT officers were executing a search warrant for his mother’s boyfriend.

That’s when the fast-moving events on the early morning of May 26 converged into the terrifying moment Amir Worship, who was shirtless, was shot in the knee by an officer, according to the family’s lawsuit filed Thursday in Cook County Circuit Court alleging negligence.

While the mother’s boyfriend was apprehended, the complaint says, an officer in the bedroom with Amir had ordered him to put his shoes on and was examining the child’s shoe with a flashlight while keeping his automatic rifle aimed at him. Then, the officer’s gun discharged, with a bullet shattering the boy’s kneecap as he sat on the edge of the bed, the family said.

“Mom, they shot me,” Amir screamed, according to the complaint describing the 5 a.m. raid in Markham, south of Chicago. “I can’t move it,” he said in reference to his right leg.

“What is that? There are children in the house,” his mother, Crystal Worship, responded after hearing the sound of the “deafeningly loud” gunshot, according to the suit. “Are you shooting them?”

The suit alleges that the gun’s “safety lock position” was not on, even though “the room had already been cleared and secured minutes earlier, and it was obvious that Amir was a child who was no threat to officers.”

Other sources point out more information, such as the suspect’s FOID Card was “expired” and not revoked:


The officers had a search warrant to arrest Worship’s boyfriend, who was wanted for drug possession and possession of weapons with an expired Firearm Owner’s Identification card.

“Then the next thing you know we hear, ‘Police, police!’” Worship said. “Then we hear the flash bangs.”

The flash grenades left burn marks on the floor. But what happened next was far worse.

“We hear a shot,” Worship said, “and I go to go to where the shot was at.”

It was her son – 12-year-old Amir – shot by an officer.

“When he goes to put his flashlight back in his vest, and then returns his arm and his hand to the handle and the trigger of the gun, the gun discharges,” Hofeld said.

Amir was struck in the knee. His kneecap was shattered.……….

As for the charges against Crystal Worship’s boyfriend, they were dropped.

Charges. Were. Dropped.

In Illinois, you need to pay in order to have a FOID (Firearm Owners Identification) Card in order to purchase/posses a firearm or ammunition. Without one, you are a criminal. If you fail to pay the fee/tax to renew your FOID and it expires, you are a criminal in the eyes of the Illinois State Police. So let’s move on to Rep. Kathleen Willis and her “fix the FOID”, which would reduce increase fees, require mandatory fingerprinting, and lessen the amount of time a FOID Card is valid (currently 10 years)……

Video starts off where Rep. Kathleen Willis, the “mastermind” behind “fix the FOID”, SB1966, talks about revoked FOID cards. Watch until 26 minutes in (3 minutes of video total)


some quotes:

“How do you bring the number down in a safe manner?”- regarding people who shouldn’t have FOID cards (including expired). I guess “safe” to her is having a SWAT team raid your home in the middle of the night and accidentally shooting your child……

-“We make sure that these 10,000 people are addressed in a safe manner. As law enforcement officers, that’s one of the worst calls that they want to have to go into and knock on your door and ask to give your gun back because you legally shouldn’t have it. That’s not a call any officer wants to go to”.

I couldn’t agree more with that last statement (so why is she so supportive of the whole idea of the FOID Card and making it more burdensome?), which is why it is absurd that you have to pay a fee/fine in order to exercise your 2nd amendment right in Illinois or risk a SWAT team breaching your door if you fail to renew it on time. As to the 10,000 people, they are supposedly people convicted of crimes (I won’t question that). However, having an expired FOID and owning firearms then turns you into a criminal, Your right to keep possession of your firearms are revoked! Are we starting to see what could happen if you don’t pay the king to exercise your “right”? Going back to the raid, all charges were dropped, so who/what tipped of the police? Seems to be a bad tip that resulted in people’s lives being changed forever…..

The FOID Card is a product of the late 1960’s. It is irrelevant today in the digital era. It is now nothing more than a tax and red tape that has no useful effect on crime prevention as proven by the shooting at Henry Pratt earlier this year (link: https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/aurora-beacon-news/opinion/ct-abn-crosby-aurora-thing-st-0526-story.html ).

It’s time to ditch the FOID. It’s time to #VOIDtheFOID.

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