All Republicans friends of the 2nd Amendment? Think again

Before you dive into this let’s be clear: Just because a candidate/seated politician has a (R) next to them doesn’t mean they abide by their party platform. Here is the IL GOP platform. Please pay attention to page 6 section C:

We believe that day-to-day safety and security in our local communities is critical. Therefore, we strongly endorse and support the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, which states, in part, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” As a result, we oppose any efforts by the state or municipalities to impede the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.

We believe in the use of criminal background checks by licensed firearms dealers.

We oppose any effort to make public any personal information from FOID cards.

We support the statutory repeal of the FOID Act.

We support continued enactment of “Concealed Carry” legislation.

Seems pretty clear that the IL GOP does not endorse gun control. Great! Well, not so fast……

During the 2018 election, some interesting stuff was found via a not widely spread article. As it turns out, the LEADER of the IL senate Republicans turned to an unlikely ally in order to get a boost for some weak incumbent candidates in districts that were up for grabs. Senator Bill Brady, the chairperson of the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee, gave GPAC (Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee) $38,000 to run ads for gun control supporting Republican Senators. The IL Senate Republican Campaign Committee PAID THE GUN GRABBERS!

Three suburban Republican senators facing touch re-election bids are getting help from the Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee during a year dominated by debates over gun policy and headlines about gun violence in Illinois and beyond.

Earlier this month, the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee contributed $38,000 to the Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee — the largest one-time contribution the organization known as GPAC has received in its nearly six-year history. According to campaign finance records, the Republican committee’s donation also makes it the fourth largest donor to the committee, coming in just behind three people directly involved with the founding and operations of GPAC. 

With that $38,000, the committee sent out mailers on behalf of State Sens. Chris Nybo (R-Elmhurst), John Curran (R-Downers Grove) and Tom Rooney (R-Rolling Meadows), touting the three Republicans’ votes on gun legislation. Those three senators are locked in contentious races in the suburbs, where Republicans are worried about winning the votes of women. 

Lawmakers this spring passed three pieces of gun legislation, including the Gun Dealer Licensing Act (SB 337), which Gov. Bruce Rauner has vowed to veto, though it has not yet been sent to his desk. 

Rauner signed HB 2354 — legislation meant to raise a “red flag,” which gives courts the authority to use emergency civil restraining orders to take guns away from individuals that loved ones alerts law enforcement may be a danger to themselves or others. The governor also signed SB 3256, which allows for a 72-hour waiting period for handguns delivery is extended to all guns purchased in Illinois.

Nybo, Curran and Rooney voted yes on all three bills, while the trio largely supported iterations of two other proposals that did not end up passing through both chambers. Theabandoned bills would have banned bump stocks and raised the legal age for buying an assault weapon in Illinois from 18 to 21. 

GPAC Executive Director Kathleen Sances told The Daily Line on Friday that she “couldn’t be more pleased” that Republicans have stepped forward to support gun reform in Illinois, and said the organization was glad because this year was the “first time ever” that GOP incumbents had submitted answers to candidate questionnaires that GPAC had been putting out since 2014. 

“We’ve always benefited from Democrats [supporting us] on the issue and now we’re getting backing and support form the Republican party,” Sances said. “I think this is a turning point for the movement in our state. we’re proud of it…we’ve been working very hard to educate voters in key legislative districts mostly in the suburbs.”

Now, it doesn’t say Bill Brady by name, so we have to dig on who is behind the Illinois Republican State Senate Campaign Committee.

The leader of the IL senate GOP, who should be the example of what the party platform stands for, asked GPAC (think state level Everytown/Giffords) to send out mailers for candidates (2 out of 3 lost re-election) on behalf of senators that support infringements on the 2nd amendment. Here’s some of the flyers that the $38,000 of your IL Senate GOP donations paid for:

Now let’s compare those to one of the Democratic candidate‘s ads that GPAC put out:

And another example (of an endorsement). Hardcore anti-self defense AG Raoul:

The IL Senate GOP turned their backs on the party platform and also the 2nd Amendment in an attempt to maintain the power they had. They failed and sold us out so here we are today, with a super majority in the state legislature and we also have the most rabidly anti-self defense Governor in office that we’ve had in a very long time. It’s time supporters (us peons, not our “masters”) of the 2nd amendment put their differences aside and realize many in office are no friends to our rights. In many instances, we are being played, as it’s not about us, it’s about them and their power.

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