Knee-jerk reactions and what can happen: Bill Peduto

After the most recent shootings, politicians and professional activists are attempting to capitalize on it in order to push their agendas. At times, buzz words and photos take the lead instead of carefully studying the content. We always hear “ban AR-15’s” and “ban magazines that hold more than 30 rounds”. Well, this here just proves that people that support such ideas often overlook underlying things in plain sight. Case and point: Bill Peduto, the mayor of Pittsburgh.

Yesterday, Mayor Peduto held a press conference with Shannon Watts, the spokesman of Moms Demand Action (Everytown’s ground troops in pressuring legislators to enact gun control). We previously covered how deep Everytown is in Peduto’s policies and how they were the driving force behind his ban on certain firearms even though it goes against the PA state constitution. As shown here, Everytown jumped at the opportunity to capitalize on the Tree of Life shooting on 10/27/18:

After the ban was passed via the city council and signed by Peduto, he stated that Everytown (via Eric Tirschwell, the individual in the 2nd document in the provided link) will be providing legal services to fight the ban for free. I wonder why………

Moving forward, like the example above (blood in the water immediately after a shooting. Time to capitalize on it), these individuals often have knee-jerk reactions. Case and point: Bill Peduto’s retweet from yesterday:

He obviously did not look closer at the 3rd picture, which shows that it is NOT in support of him or his friends at Moms Demand Action.

Upon further research, it is a shirt available to those that wish to mock Moms Demand Action (because honestly, their name is easy to mock):

Peduto failed to examine it and retweeted the comment, which in turn sent it out to his feed and notified all of his 99,000 followers. In turn, he looks like a fool who can’t pay attention to details and see what something that looks good on the surface can really be: a backdoor bodyslam that is not helpful for the agenda you are promoting.

Much like gun control, the “feel good” crowd thinks it will help in saving lives. The reality is, much like the tweet he supported, is that their is a different idea behind it, which is why people must pay attention and realize not everything is as you see and as you are told.

Gun control isn’t about safety, it is about control. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misleading you, just like the twitter user mislead Bill Peduto into supporting them.


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