Virginia Beach, VA FOIA and Moms Demand Action

In the news a lot lately has been Governor Ralph Northam and his allies attempting to enact gun control because of the 5/31/19 Virginia Beach Shooting. Ralph “Black Face” Northam and is no stranger to Bloomberg’s moms.

More on Ralph’s “Black Face” here:

And let’s not forget the lovely Lieutenant Governor, Justin Fairfax, and his sexual assault problems (believe all women, right?):

Where’s your hand there, Justin?

Boy oh boy, Bloomberg’s Moms sure know how to pick wonderful people, but moving on…..

Obtained via a Freedom Of Information Act request, the city of Virginia Beach has been working with Moms Demand Action at least since May of this year (before the shooting). They were able to persuade the Mayor of VB to declare a “Gun Violence Awareness Proclamation” day for the city (pay attention to the dates of the e-mails):

Moving forward, MDA also reached out just ONE DAY after the shooting happened (what an opportunity, am I right?!?!?). What a great time to work some more into the event before the mayor speaks in order to push their agenda!

Here’s an email a few days later with the mentioned Proclamation:

Like every good parasite, Moms Demand Action loves to weasel their way into a body and make themselves part of the governing process. Virginia Beach is no different. They got in before the tragedy on 5/31 and used their connections to make their little marketing stunt (Wear Orange on June 7) front and center of the tragedy. These people are disgusting slime and governments should realize what they want: publicity to advance THEIR organization’s agenda, not what the community wants as a whole:

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Students gathered at the water fountain at Town Center Friday to use their voices.

“One hundred Americans die every single day from gun violence, and if this works – if it saves a single person – then it’s worth it,” said Jenna Swetland.

She’s a high school senior and member of Students Demand Action and March for Our Lives. Swetland and other students stood in the rain with their megaphones and posters demanding for legislation to keep everyone safe.

“I’ve watched how many mass shootings occur… how many of them were in schools? It’s too many to count, and there’s really not that much being done where there should be,” she adds.

Less than a mile away at Thalia United Methodist Church, the local chapter of Moms Demand Actionhosted their annual Wear Orange event to help end gun violence.

They wear orange for two reasons: To honor Hadiyah Pendleton, a 15-year-old who was shot and killed in Chicago two weeks after performing at President Obama’s inauguration, and the fact it’s also a color worn in the woods.

“[It’s] a color that hunters use to represent human life when they are out hunting to recognize, ‘I’m a human, don’t shoot me,'” said Moms Demand Action leader Leigh Anne Woodside.

This group says they are fighting for change. “Universal background checks, protections for domestic abusers, combating the daily toll of gun violence within our communities, holding the gun industry accountable,” said Woodside.

Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer attended the Wear Orange event. He said, “Put politics aside and we sit down and come up with rational conversations to come up with rational solutions.”

Mayor Dyer says even after last week’s tragic event, Virginia Beach is still one of the safest cities for its size.

“This is not just a Virginia Beach problem. This is not just a Commonwealth of Virginia problem; this is a national problem, and maybe we can start the discussion on a local level and also include the state and federal to come up with some common-sense approaches,” said Dyer.

To mayor Dyer I offer a piece of advice: look into who backs this organization financially and also who they associate with. Do you condone people who do black face and commit sexual assault like Moms Demand Action does? Put politics aside and stop giving into these billionaire (Bloomberg) funded organizations like Moms Demand Action.

On a related note, Wear Orange (as seen in the Virginia Beach FOIA) is nothing other than a fundraising drive for Everytown For Gun Safety (the Lobbying arm of Moms Demand Action). They sell Wear Orange items to MAKE MONEY. So, who really profits off of death and misery? The gun grabbers who instill fear into people into supporting a false agenda. Look at the prices for the items…..

Heck, they even have professional fashion designers involved in the campaign (who also get a cut of the profits)

NEW YORK – Today, members of the Everytown Fashion Council, part of the Everytown Creative Council, announced the launch of a limited-edition collection of t-shirts to mark the fifth year of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a part of Everytown for Gun Safety. The collection includes designs from Cynthia Rowley, Christian Siriano and Bonnie Young, as well as graphic designer Rebecca Cohen, a volunteer with the Oregon chapter of Moms Demand Action. The t-shirts are available here.

“I am so honored to have the opportunity to be a voice that stands for safer schools, homes and communities,” said fashion designer Cynthia Rowley. “Hundreds of lives are affected by gun violence every day. This tee represents five years of hope, persistence and change. Let’s join hands on the front line.” 

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America began in 2012 as a Facebook page on the day after 26 children and educators were shot and killed at the Sandy Hook School. From that moment of outrage and heartbreak, the organization turned into a grassroots powerhouse, with hundreds of thousands of volunteers and a chapter in every state. Together with Everytown, Moms Demand Action has nearly five million supporters across the country. 

“As an Everytown Creative Council member, it’s a privilege and an honor to be a part of the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America initiative,” said fashion designer Christian Siriano. “This t-shirt is a creative way for me to contribute to this vital movement, and help bring attention to a cause that calls for immediate change.” 

Efforts from Moms Demand Action volunteers and gun violence survivors have helped to stop the gun lobby’s priority bills in statehouses more than 90 percent of the time. Additionally, since the founding of Moms Demand Action, at least 26 states have passed or improved measures to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. 

“As a designer and volunteer with Moms Demand Action since its early days, it was a privilege to work on this project,” said Rebecca Cohen, a graphic designer and volunteer with the Oregon chapter of Moms Demand Action. “My design honors this amazing and unique grassroots network of volunteers dedicated to ending gun violence. The volume of hashtags on my shirt represents a milestone and provides a reminder of how hard we’ve worked and how far we’ve come, while providing motivation to #KeepGoing.” 

The t-shirts are the latest in a series of notable Everytown Fashion Council and Creative Council efforts, including taking part in the 2018 Wear Orange campaign on National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Talk about “blood money”……….

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