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Shannon Watts: “Armed Jews Would Not Have Affected The Holocaust”



Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action had this to say today:

So, according to her, armed Jews would not have made a difference in their fate under Nazi rule. It is “inaccurate, offensive and stupid” to think that armed people can stop a dangerous government. Why even bother? Why don’t we all just let this happen to us without even a fight? It’s gonna happen anyways, right?

Yeah, they (Jews, gays, gypsies and all the other “undesirables” according to the government of the Third Reich) couldn’t do anything. They did the right thing accepting what was their fate:

If people would have resisted in any way with firearms, then they themselves would be guilty of “gun violence”, right Shannon? After all, according to your platform, isn’t anyone that is shot (regardless of circumstance) a victim of “gun violence”? Is it “gun violence” when people are attempting to defend themselves from a murderous regime? Are these WW2 Jewish resistance figures part of the “gun violence” problem? They have guns. They shot and killed those that were trying to shoot and kill (and capture) them. So, I ask again: should they have not resisted?

You’re right, Shannon. These people with guns posed a serious threat to other people…..with guns……that hunted them down in order to exterminate them. They were using violence to protect themselves with violence, and violence in any form is not acceptable, even in self defense, right? It is, as you say, “offensive and stupid” to think that these Jewish fighters were doing anything productive to save themselves from certain death:

They were Jews in Europe, many of them teenagers, male and female, who fought against the Nazis during World War II. The majority were regular folks who escaped the ghettos and work camps and joined organized resistancegroups in the forests and urban underground. Non-Jewish partisans could sneak back to their homes for security and safety. The Jews had no place to go and so they were constantly moving through the shadows on the edges of cities and towns.

Some, like Polish teenager Frank Blaichman, knew their village would be turned into a ghetto; Frank escaped and joined a group of partisans in a forest. Others, like Abe Asner, were among the very few Jewish partisans with military training. Most partisans knew nothing about guns and ammunition, so people like Abe became important teachers and leaders. 

People who had guns and knew how to use them were mostly welcomed with open arms. If someone wanted to join and had no weapon, some groups required them to get one, in whatever manner they could. Outsiders who came to fight the Nazis – like Russian partisan groups in Poland – valued Jews who knew local terrain and could act as their scouts.

Well that’s not good, Shannon. It seems the Jews during WW2 that made a stand against those trying to kill them valued firearms and firearms training. Surely though, these Jewish fighters had no advantage over a standing army:

The partisans fought and survived by forming organized groups. Compared to the Nazis, they had few arms and little ammunition, but were successful because they knew the lay of the land and how to use the terrain to their own advantage. One partisan remembered that, “In the forest, ten partisans seemed like a hundred to those on the outside.” The Nazis didn’t know what it was like inside the forests and swamps.

The partisans lived there under harsh conditions – without real shelter to protect them from sub-freezing temperatures and storms in the winter, or from heat and rain during other seasons. Medical supplies were scarce, and partisans died from infection and disease spread by lice. Bandages were washed and reused whenever possible.

It’s really bad that people were rising up against the Nazis, isn’t it, Shannon? They should have never done this, as it’s unbelievable that people stood their ground and refused to be part of the Holocaust:

Between July 22 and September 12, 1942, the German authorities deported or murdered around 300,000 Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. SS and police units deported 265,000 Jews to the Treblinka killing center and 11,580 to forced-labor camps. The Germans and their auxiliaries murdered more than 10,000 Jews in the Warsaw ghetto during the deportation operations. The German authorities granted only 35,000 Jews permission to remain in the ghetto, while more than 20,000 Jews remained in the ghetto in hiding. For the at least 55,000-60,000 Jews remaining in the Warsaw ghetto, deportation seemed inevitable.

In response to the deportations, on July 28, 1942, several Jewish underground organizations created an armed self-defense unit known as the Jewish Combat Organization (Zydowska Organizacja Bojowa; ZOB). Rough estimates put the size of the ZOB at its formation at around 200 members. The right wing Revisionist Zionist movement, especially its youth group, Betar, served as the chief organizers (founders) of the Jewish Military Union (Zydowski Zwiazek Wojskowy; ZZW). Although initially there was tension between the ZOB and the ZZW, both groups decided to work together to oppose German attempts to destroy the ghetto. At the time of the uprising, the ZOB had about 500 fighters in its ranks and the ZZW had about 250.

While efforts to establish contact with the Polish military underground movement (Armia Krajowa, or Home Army) did not succeed during the summer of 1942, the ZOB established contact with the Home Army in October, and obtained a small number of weapons, mostly pistols and explosives, from Home Army contacts.

In October 1942, SS chief Heinrich Himmlerordered the liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto and deportation of its able-bodied residents to forced labor camps in the Lublin District of the Generalgouvernement. In accordance with this order, German SS and police units tried to resume mass deportations of Jews from Warsaw on January 18, 1943. A group of Jewish fighters, armed with pistols, infiltrated a column of Jews being forced to the Umschlagplatz (transfer point) and, at a prearranged signal, broke ranks and fought their German escorts. Most of these Jewish fighters died in the battle, but the attack sufficiently disoriented the Germans to allow the Jews arranged in columns at the Umschlagplatz a chance to disperse. After seizing 5,000-6,500 ghetto residents to be deported, the Germans suspended further deportations on January 21.

Encouraged by the apparent success of the resistance, which they believed may have halted deportations, members of the ghetto population began to construct subterranean bunkers and shelters in preparation for an uprising should the Germans attempt a final deportation of all remaining Jews in the reduced ghetto.

And let’s not forget the Jewish Bielski Partisans, who actually rescued other Jews from the Nazis and protected women and children (yes Shannon, they had those pesky “weapons of war”, yet they were not part of an official army, therefor I’m sure you wish they were disarmed as well):

In December 1941, the Nazis murdered thousands of Jews in the Baranowicze region in western Belorussia. Among them were four members of the Bielski family: the mother, the father, and two sons. Four other sons survived: Arczyk, Asael, Tuvia, and Zus. They—along with 13 others—fled into the woods.

Tuvia Bielski sent a message to the Jews in the Nowogrodek ghetto to organize as many friends and acquaintances as possible and to send them to him in the woods. At first, only eight people answered Bielski’s call.

But over the next two years, Tuvia Bielski’s group grew to over 1,000 as more Jews fled to the forests rather than report for deportation. He never turned away any Jew, whether armed or unarmed, young or old, healthy or in need of medical attention. He insisted that resistance and rescue must go hand-in-hand.

As the Bielski’s forest camp grew, it eventually included a school for children, a clinic, a law court, and a synagogue. It also included numerous workshops, including a machine shop to repair weapons and a tannery. The camp became a mobile and dynamic Jewish community—both a family camp and a fighting unit.

Tuvia Bielski’s partisans inspired terror in the Nowogrodek region and took vengeance on the Belorussian police and on farmers who had betrayed or killed Jews. The Bielski brigade pillaged food, attacked the enemy, and destroyed supply depots. As a result, the Nazis offered a reward of 100,000 marks for Tuvia Bielski’s capture.

In the summer of 1943, the Nazis went deep into the Nalibocka Forest to fight Jewish partisan units, including the Bielski partisans. The Soviet army commander in the region, who was allied with Tuvia Bielski, called upon him to divide the camp between fighters and civilians so that the able-bodied would not be hindered by those among them unable to resist.

Tuvia Bielski refused. He moved his camp even further into the densest parts of the Nalibocka Forest. Bielski would not abandon women, children, and the elderly; he would not leave them behind to die defenseless and alone.

In the summer of 1944—when the war ended in Belorussia—over 1,200 men, women, and children emerged from the forest and marched into Nowogrodek. They had survived thanks to the daring of the Bielski partisans who insisted that rescue and resistance were inextricably connected.

They should have just given up and accepted their fate, right Shannon? Those 1200 survivors don’t matter and, as you said, it’s “inaccurate, offensive and stupid” that them being armed prevented the Holocaust (well, it sure as hell did for them).

It was useless for the Jews to attempt to fight when so greatly outnumbered, right Shannon? It was adding to the “gun violence” problem. People should just listen to the government and accept their fate, even if it means death.

Your disgusting comment stating that it is “inaccurate, offensive and stupid” that the Jews could have prevented the Holocaust just shows how morally void you are. A handful of armed, heroic and undersupplied Jews took on the Nazi war machine. They caused some major problems for the Third Reich and while they were not always successful, it showed how untrained and supply lacked partisans (freedom fighters) can engage a professional force that was hell bent on exterminating them. Now, imagine if the Nazi gun control laws didn’t include disarming Jews and making it a death sentence to posses arms in occupied Europe. Are you saying that it wouldn’t have made a difference at all?

And clueless anti-gun people wonder why so many Americans fight tooth and nail in order to stop the erosion of our 2nd amendment rights. Most of us learn from history. Unfortunately, some people don’t……

And yes, that’s real.

Now, on to the last part of your tweet:

You’re speaking to an African American (Colion Noir).

Are you telling him that the only reason he has a right to bear arms is because he has an agenda to arm only white people? You’re a white (and Christian, yes?) American. Check your elitist white privilege, hag.