Fix the FOID: less rights for us, more money for cronies

Rep. Kathleen Willis introduced amendment HCA1 to SB1966. It is known as “Fix the FOID”. One of the draconian requirements in it is mandatory fingerprinting of all FOID card holders (legal gun owners in Illinois). Let’s have a look at how profits are involved. Let’s look at one of the proponents of this, Accurate Biometrics (a fingerprinting business):

Since this would mean a windfall of cash in their pockets, of course they support it (thanks for selling us out just so you could profit. So patriotic). But let’s look at Chicago/Springfield Consultants:

How bout that? It’s their lobbyist. So let’s see who’s with that company, starting with the president of it:

Ok, so now let’s bring up anti-2nd amendment Cook county sheriff Tom Dart:

You get the idea. So what does this have to do with the president (Jan Starr) of the lobbying firm representing Accurate Biometrics?

What?????? She’s a Dart donor and also is/was a consultant for him? Jeeze. I wonder if it can get any worse. Yep. Look at the Vice President of Accurate Biometrics lobbying firm:

It’s even on her LinkedIn page:

And Dart on fingerprinting?

Looks like Accurate Biometrics, represented by Dart’s people, are looking to create a HUGE windfall of money. Rep. Willis said prints can be done for $28. There are 2.3 million FOID card holders in Illinois. 2.3 million x $28 is $64,400,000! Wow! Talk about a huge profit for cronies.

And Accurate Biometrics has contracts with Chicago, so start piecing all of this together……

Once again, this has NOTHING to do about safety, just more control for the government and more money to the cronies.


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