City of Poway FOIA (Post Chabad shooting)

NOTE: Poway City Council did not state an opinion.

As predicted, a politician, activists, and gun grabbers are going to use the incident to preach for gun control. Event is scheduled for this upcoming Friday (5/3)

Clearer image:

Perfect opportunity for a politician (Patel) from another city (not from Poway even) to be in the spotlight to advance her career, surrounded by her political allies to push a political agenda (gun control) that would have done nothing to stop the shooting. Funny, as the Women’s March has been under fire for anti-semitism recently (not a classy move after a shooting at a Jewish house of worship). Wake up people, all these people want is press and nothing more (not referring to the city council members of Poway) :

Claims of anti-Semitism against the leaders of Women’s March Inc. have rocked the movement, with some local organizers looking to distance themselves from the group. Two of the leaders were accused of saying at a private organizing meeting that Jews bore a particular responsibility for the oppression of people of color, The New York Times and Tablet magazine reported — claims both leaders have denied.

NEW YORK (JTA) — With the Women’s March only days away, local chapters and major progressive groups are continuing to distance themselves from the national leadership, which is scrambling to hold on to its big tent.

Though the national organization was once seen as a beacon of hope for progressives following Donald Trump’s election, it is now mired in allegations that its leaders have not only been too soft on but in some cases fostered anti-Semitism in the movement. The fact that the march was created as a protest not only against sexism but other forms of bigotry makes the allegations even more disturbing.

Special note: This is a must see. Want to know how the Chabad of Poway congregates feel?

More here. Don’t let these vultures use this shooting to advance an agenda that isn’t supported by the victims. Remember.

Update: Rabbi Goldstein with President Trump today (5/2/19)

Update 5/3:

Moms Demand Action and their pals had their rally/press conference and got the camera time they wanted

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