Poway, CA synagogue shooting and the truth (from someone who knows the people involved).

There are times when first hand accounts of witnesses/friends of people involved are much more credible than what the MSM states is the truth. A thread on AR15.com popped up as the reports of a shooting at Chabad of Poway synagogue in California by someone who was a congregate there. These are his posts (first post was updated with pics after everything was wrapped up):

Let Drsalee’s words tell the story about those involved, as he knows them and their beliefs. Now, as all political opportunists do, they jump at a tragedy to benefit themselves and their agenda (gun control, which does not reflect the victims’ beliefs) :

This one should really stand out:

Anti-Trump, Anti-gun organization

Alex is George Soros’s son. Open Society Foundations is George Soros’s organization.

So what did we learn? We see that the people directly involved in the tragedy are pro-Trump, pro-2A and conservative. There was a firearm on site at the synagogue in case of an emergency. An emergency happened and because of the quick actions of people and the presence of a firearm in a place of worship (something gun control advocates are strongly against), a mass shooting was prevented and lives were saved. Lori (and her husband for keeping a firearm on site), Oscar, the Border Patrol agent, and Rabbi Goldstein are heroes instead of victims, yet political hacks and activists are attempting to spin the events that happened to fit THEIR agenda. They will never admit the truth, and this is why this brief reticle is being written.

Hate comes in many forms, and the shooter who wanted to harm/kill as many people as possible will face justice, but he failed because of the heroes at Chabad and their choice to be armed.

UPDATE: Shannon Watts is trying to discredit what happened:

The gun in question (as a friend of the people involved described) was kept at the synagogue just in case of an emergency such as the event that occurred. It was retrieved in the midst of the shooting and used. The gun also belonged to the husband of the only person to be killed, Lori Gilbert Kaye. Rabbi Goldstein even confirms it in this video beginning at 2:26 into it (BP agent got access to the firearm and it helped end the tragedy).


And there you have it. The queen of anti-2nd amendment propaganda is using the victims, who do not agree with her, as a means to advance HER agenda of disarmament and political warfare.


2 thoughts on “Poway, CA synagogue shooting and the truth (from someone who knows the people involved).

  1. Lotta very uninformed people here…. The presence of a firearm, presently legal, seems to have shut the BG down. Damn near nobody can have one there in a house of worship.

    I did a short presentation to our Synagogue board to change that here (the Synagogue board could over-ride the State Law). During my presentation, I noticed that the Rabbi walked out (rather politely). Later, we fired him! Not for that, but for making anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli comments to the press. Turns out that the guy was a follower of Islam, gay, and seriously anti-gun. Didn’t mind anything but the anti-Israel stuff. He also appears to have been ordained via the Internet, but I’ve had no confirmation of that.

    Just this morning (well, Monday AM) that the gal who was killed had a young daughter (rougly 21) who was very close to the daughter of our Synagogue’s former Rabbi (he’s in Anaheim now). Lots of grief there. The former Rabbi never managed to get an Ohio CHL, but he did take the course. I used to shoot with him. I think our Board let him out because they managed a contract with another couple – one (the gal) already ordained, and her husband just about to finish up.


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