In Response To The Flak Caught From Yesterday’s Release (Rep. Schneider/Shannon Watts Document Especially)

Our article/drop yesterday ( here ) caused a slight uproar with anti-2nd amendment activists. They accused us of “not caring” about students’ lives and being “dangerous” 😂.  Ridiculous. We care about children and believe that outside groups should not be using public schools as recruiting grounds for their political agendas (no matter what side of an issue you are on). 
In response, we’d like to share this (goes with yesterday’s article due to the tie in with Shannon Watts and Congressman Schneider). First email is from a student (15 years old at the time) that Moms Demand Action is grooming/using to spread word of their cause to other students. Then comes 2 Freedom Of Information Act  documents. As you can see, Moms Demand Action is promising resources/connections, letters of recommendation, and as you see, providing notes/talking points (laughable too). Recipient is blacked out because he is a student/minor). District 125 was unaware of this activity and does not condone it. The”rally” in the last photo is the one mentioned in yesterday’s article. 

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