McHenry County Politcal Party Leaders (And A Candidate At The Time, Now Seated) Used A Public School To Recruit For A Party Event

Additional evidence  (more documents and evidence) that political operatives in McHenry county, IL, used a public school (Woodstock district 200) to attempt to recruit for an event that was organized by the party, in which they could have financially benefited. Flyers that were in email (main one) along with with an additional email (from a CC’d individual) who was running for a county board seat at the time (she won).

No matter what your political opinions are, political operatives are not allowed to be in public schools (taxpayer funded), as it violates ethics standard set forth in IL law (Public Acts 93-615 and 93-617).

Published article on these findings here (I wonder who made that quote at the end 😉)


(Note: We do not target political parties. We are non-partisan. If certain leaders in the McHenry county Democratic Party (and a now seated board member) would have never attempted to use the school and the children inside it as politcal pawns, this would have never surfaced and nothing controversial would have come of their event event (other than we all know it was not the kids from Parkland that put the national movement together. It was immediately hi-jacked by the Joyce Foundation, the Women’s March, and agitator Michael Skolnik). Their ethics breach is on them and them alone).

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